PANDORA Bracelets

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PANDORA Bracelets

Message par qiandada » 13 avr. 2019 05:51


Charm bracelets have been around for centuries and have always made for a heartfelt and treasured gift. Each charm chronicles small moments in a life lived, and can be likened to ‘history on a wrist'. They express who the person is and are a sure fire way to strike up a conversation. Why not start creating your very own piece of history with a unique and personal PANDORA Bracelets charm bracelet?

Founded in 1982, PANDORA Bracelets has grown into one of the most popular jewelry manufacturers anywhere. Best-known for its unique, customizable pieces including charm bracelets, necklaces, and rings, the company produced watches in the past.

This volume and speed only enhances the giftable nature of charm bracelets. "Once people got a PANDORA Bracelets, it became a tradition to just keep buying them charms," says blogger Stone. "It's an easy box to check." According to Ayako Homma, a senior research analyst at Euromonitor, more than 60 percent of women who own Pandora jewelry receive it as a gift, and half of those gifts are bought by men.